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The products sold by are made to be available in Europe and have all the necessary certificates and guarantees.
The technical features and other details of the products are available. The company undertakes to repair the appliance free of charge in the event of damage due solely to a manufacturing fault. The warranty covers the cost of spare parts and labor. Replacement of spare parts or not is up to the company technicians. Device replacement is excluded. The appliance is repaired at the service center of the company or its authorized representative. Any costs for repair outside this area are borne by the customer. Also the cost of transporting the device to the service-repair area from the customer's site and vice versa, is borne by the customer.
Any damage is done within a reasonable time. Any claim for delay in repairing damage due to force majeure is excluded.
This warranty does NOT cover the following:
• When the appliance is used for professional use such as in gyms, physiotherapists, etc.
• When an attempt has been made to repair the injury by an unauthorized person.
• When the damage is caused by poor assembly, use and poor electrical installation eg.
disconnected cables, poor fitting of components, voltage fluctuations in the PPC network.
• Components damaged by user fault such as broken plastic parts, improper adjustment worn belt, incorrect or incomplete lubrication, damage to the machine when moving.
• Accessories such as: carpets, drive belts, transformers, cables, floors and side presses are considered consumables and are not covered by the warranty. If you need our help in maintaining a machine that you have purchased from us or just some technical information, we are always at your disposal.
It is sufficient to contact by telephone and request our technical services or by e-mail at and we will assist you as soon as possible.
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Athlosport was established in 1994 with the aim of importing for wholesale of fitness equipment whether you are interested in professional use or home gym equipment, as well as sports equipment for football, basketball, volleyball, volleyball, table tennis, stadium, track and field. ), clothing, team footwear and coaching accessories.


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